Welcome to the House of Debo IT Security Consulting Website. My name is Paul. I've done IT support for a major University and the federal government for a combined 17 years. I've supported multiple facilities, ensuring that the gigabytes of sensitive data is transferred between them securely and that only those who are supposed to have access to the data can get in.

In that time, I learned a lot. Not just how to properly secure my own data, how to act online, but most importantly, what NOT to do on the Internet. While most people and websites online are legitimate, there is always that small percentage of those who would choose to do harm, hack into systems, steal our hard-eanred money, make our lives miserable, or just do us digital harm for a cheap thrill.

I'm A+, Network+, Security+ certified, and am also a Certified Ethical Hacker, which means I know what to look for when I examine computer systems and talk to employees and family members to determine how everyone can safely surf the Internet as best as possible.

And let me be perfectly clear... No one can stop all hacking intrusions before they happen, and the only real way to stop it is to never go online, or do anything on the Internet. Given our world the way it is, with computers, laptops, BlackBerries, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices up the yin-yang, all of which of interconnected, that isn't necessarily possible. But if you think clearly and act intelligently, you can minimize the impact and even make sure it never happens again to you or others.

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