Samsung Tab S8+ 5G Tablet Review

A few months ago (yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, my apologies), I finally shed the last of my Apple products and got myself a Samsung tablet, the Samsung Tab S8+ 5G. It runs on the Android OS, and I have to say, I’m quite impressed with the device.

For starters, the device is significantly lighter than my previous tablet, an iPad Pro. Weighing in at a mere 1.27 pounds, it still boasts antennas for Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth and even a 5G Ultrawide if you decide you need access on the go. There’s also the matter of the 12.4″ screen, which I have to say is extremely bright, the colors are much more vivid than any previous tablet I’ve ever had. I also found the 10,090mAH battery to be more than adequate capacity for things I need to do, not just for personal things like playing games, but also for business needs. And with the USB-C 3.2 charging port, it’s nigh-universal for the latest cables out there, and with a good charger, it can get a full charge from a nearly drained battery in under 90 minutes.

But more about the screen. It has a 120Hz framerate, which is much easier on the eyes than a lot of other tablets out there. That combined with it’s higher than HD resolution, HDR color scheme, making everything look more vibrant, it’s a visual feast for anyone who wants to view photos & videos on it. That, as well as streaming things like Netflix, Hulu, or whatever else tickles your fancy look absolutely amazing on the Super AMOLED screen. The camera is also a full 13 megapixels, and can record 4K HDR videos at 60 frames per second. The selfie camera, an absolute must for every TikToker, Instagram influencer, is itself 12 megapixels, which has virtually identical features to the main camera.

While the tablet may not have quite the space of some models of iPads (some of which have up to 2TB of space), for those who aren’t in any need of it will still find the two models, one with 128GB capacity, and the other 256GB, to still be more than adequate. But of you REALLY wanted to, you could put up to a 1TB microSD card inside for extra storage for things like your music library, photo albums, videos, movies, the list goes on. Oh yes, and did we mention that it also comes with a so-called S Pen, a Bluetooth enabled stylus that will let you write in your own handwriting on the Samsung Notes app. You charge it up with a magnetic “dock” (for want of a better word) on the back. One issue of note, which can vary in how major or minor it is from person to person, is that there is a button on edge of the screen where if you hit, it brings up the stylus menu, regardless of the app you’re in. So if the apps you’re using require you to use things that are on the edge of the screen, it’s advisable to put this button somewhere that you wouldn’t use.

Other than this (in my mind, minor) item, the Samsung Tab S8+ is absolutely amazing, and I highly recommend it to anyone who would need it for either work or personal usage. I’ve found it to work extremely well for things like QuickBooks, mobile gaming, emails, and a whole host of other things you can think of. Plus, if you want to get off the Apple bandwagon and get a tablet that isn’t made by Apple, this would be an excellent contender for you to go with.

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